Punk rock gig


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I'm not listening to Punk rock music anymore, but attending a live show of The Meanies has been, for many reasons, a very emotional experience.

First, a breath of fresh air given my current lifestyle (age and duties, man), then the band themselves: musicians their age are not supposed to perform that wild! So much energy, so much fun. And also, on the personal and intense inner side, the fact that I heard them for the first time around 1998 when I borrowed a Punk rock mixtape cassette from my friend P. Unfortunately, he is not with us anymore, so this brought up many memories and good moments. One of the most inspiring and unique human beings ever. ❀️

Lastly, the venue also added up some feeling to the mix (my first and probably last time there). No further comments; if you've heard about it, you know what goes on.